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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

One of spectacular Jakarta's recreation and educational place is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The area covers 120 hectares in east Jakarta municipality. The concept of Mini Indonesia Indah is collecting and communicating the diversity of treasures of Indonesia. During the construction of this park Indonesia was still consisting of 27 provinces, so it was supposed to represent at least 27 highlight of Indonesian culture, more detail, each province would have it's typical traditional architecture, nature, arts and other specific life.

Beside cultural aspects, the Mini Indonesia Indah also present natural treasures of Indonesia such as bird park, orchid garden, flower garden, Keong Mas theatre insect park and others. In cultural aspect various museums are constructed in Mini Indonesia Indah to exhibit the specific arts such as Indonesia museum, sport museum, relic museum, Asmat tribe museum, army museum, stamp museum, Komodo museum transportation museum, telecommunication museum, information museum, technology museum, Islamic museum( Istiqlal museum ) and the monument of Non Alignment Friendship.

TMII character as reflected in the integrated area attractions that are in one location. It looked perfect alignment with the mixing of traditional and modern style architecture on the buildings and physical infrastructure, as well as the integrity of the concept of material featured exhibitions, variety shows, attractions, and the type of services and activities are often held in this tourist region. In addition, TMII also display the cultural diversity of Indonesia as a form of preservation of cultural values, traditions, customs, ceremonies, art, cultural objects, and traditional sports.

As a tourist area, TMII have a variety of outdoor recreation facilities (out door recreation) with very reasonable green environment so as to increase the knowledge and information about society, culture, and environment of Indonesia in miniature garden treats.

Since the beginning of the establishment until today, TMII been equipped with various tourist facilities, among others:
• Pavilion (total 27)
• Museums (total 14)
• Flora and Fauna Park (total 11)
• Recreation Facilities (number 12)
• Buildings and Monuments (totaling 8)
• Place of Worship (number 6)
Public Transportation Facilities
Wandering in the region with a broad TMII about 165 hectares of course is a tiring trip for tourists. For ease and convenience of visitors, in the region TMII already available means of public transportation, like bicycles, cars and buses. To rent a mini bike facilities, the tourists are usually subject to tariffs of about Rp 1,000 for 30 minutes. In addition, visitors can also rent a car traveling at a rate of Rp 30,000 per hour, or hire a bus (large car) with a tariff of Rp 75,000 per hour.

SHS 23 Aeromovel Indonesia
Aeromovel is the kind of transportation that runs using wind energy as a power push. This type of transport is running in a track which is also called a monorail.

Hanging Train (Sky Lift)
Cable car is a means of generating great interest visitors TMII region. Because, with this train, travelers can see the whole area TMII from a high place more clearly and quickly. tourists who want to use this transport service are advised to the departure of three stations and halts. Three stations are stations A-B-C, B-C-A, and C-B-C.

Mini Railway
Besides Train Hang, in there TMII Railway Mini that allows visitors traveled around the location of this area.

Not only that, in addition to convenience and ease of transportation, in the region TMII also often held a variety of events and arts and cultural attractions on holidays and big days. These events are usually a package of special events held in rotation by each pavilion area. This event package is often exhibit various shades of local arts, whether in the form of art performances, ceremonies, exhibitions of handicrafts, and others.

Other special events are often held in this tourist area is the regional dance parade, parade of folk songs, and others which are usually served to fill and enliven a week are routinely held in this tourist region. Weeks are TMII Birthday, School Vacation Week, Week of December, Week Sura, Lebaran Week, and Week Hajj.

Area attractions TMII administratively located in the shade of four district and three subdistricts, namely Apus Bamboo Village and Village in the District Ceger Cipayung, Kelurahan Kampung Kramatdjati Hamlet in the District, and Village District Kampung Pinang Ranti in Makassar. While the exact location is located in Jalan Raya Pondok Gede, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

TMII location adjacent to the terminal in the city and intercity (Kampung Rambutan). To reach this tourist area is not too difficult, because many public vehicles, like buses, Metromini, and public transportation across the region. Vehicles, among others,
• Metromini T. 45 (Pulogadung-Door II TMII)
• Metro Mini T. 45 (Pulogadung-Door II TMII)
• angkot KWK S. 15 A (Ragunan-Door II TMII)
• angkot KWK T. 01 (Cililitan-Bambu Apus)
• angkot KWK T. 02 (Cililitan-Cipayung)
• angkot KWK T. 05 (Cililitan-Setu)
• angkot KWK P. 15 (Cililitan-Cilangkap)
• angkot KWK K. 40 (Bekasi-Kampung Rambutan)
• angkot KWK S. 19 (Depok-Pinang Ranti)
• Bus Hold PPD BT. 03 (Grogol-TMII)

As an integrated tourism area which has a wide area, TMII already have existing infrastructure and supporting facilities, among others:

Restaurants caping Mount
The location of this restaurant is located opposite the building Thumbnail Arsipel Indonesia. Caping the building resembles the shape used by mountain people, hence their name caping Mountain Restaurant. This restaurant was deliberately built as a place to rest and eat the tourists, while see-through glass window-view which stands firmly arsipel building beside the restaurant. The architecture of these restaurants to provide special comfort to the visitors, in which the illumination system is derived from sunlight entering through the translucent roof.

Market Tiban
In the area TMII, there is a complex of shops that provide food and beverages with a variety of price variations can be reached by small people. Stalls are numbered about a dozen scattered in the area TMII.

Village Tourism
TMII visitors can stay in a tourist village complex located in the area TMII. In this village there are lodging with the environment that is still clean and natural. Overall, this village has 31 lodging that can accommodate about 416 guests. In addition, visitors can also hold events, such as scientific meetings, organization meetings, gatherings, and seminars with prior coordination with the association of youth in this village. In the village hall is available which is big enough to accommodate about 400 people that allows organizing events such as the above.

Graha Wisata Youth
In addition to tourism village, in the complex are also available TMII another inpatient facility called Graha Wisata Youth. Graha is a lodging complex that is destined for the student / youth and society that does have a limited budget. Even with the cheap cost of hospitalization, this maid who still provide adequate facilities guarantee comfort and security. The location was fairly strategic, because it close to some TMII facilities, such as a cable car station, swimming pool, and Wajasera Restaurant.

Tourist Information Centre
The tourists who need information or explanation about TMII can ask at the Tourist Information Center building is available at area locations TMII.

Taman Mini Polyclinic
For the purposes of safety, comfort, and health, in areas already available TMII clinic that can help visitors when exposed to natural disasters or accidents while visiting this area.

Police Post
In TMII been formed Police Security Unit in charge of securing the tourist sites for 24 hour guard at the post and the various angles in this area.


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